Phoenix (January 31) – Below is a statement from Arizona Chamber Foundation Policy Advisor Courtney McKinstry on Arizona’s historic adoption of a Drought Contingency Plan:

“On behalf of the Arizona Chamber Foundation, I want to thank Governor Doug Ducey and legislative leadership for finding agreement and protecting Arizona’s water future.

“Arizona has a strong history of making difficult but necessary decisions about water use in our state, and the final measures, SJR 1001 and SB 1227, continue that water stewardship. Controlling Arizona’s response to the drought in collaboration with our seven Western State neighbors rather than leaving it in the hands of the courts or federal agencies allows all Arizonans to plan for the future and provides businesses the stability they need to continue to invest in Arizona’s thriving economy.

“Since October, the Foundation has provided policy makers and the public with important analyses on Arizona’s water history and the complexities within the Drought Contingency Plan. You can find our policy briefs on our website.”

In October 2018, the ACF released its first policy brief, The Colorado River and Arizona’s Role in Preserving it for Generations to Come. This paper is meant to educate the business community, policymakers, and other Arizonans on the State’s ongoing efforts to negotiate a sustainable drought plan.

In early January 2019, the ACF released The Colorado River: The Seven-State Drought Contingency Plan and Pathway to Adoption. This policy brief summarizes the agreements within the DCP and outlines the various layers of approval required to activate the plan.

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