At the Arizona Chamber Foundation, we are dedicated to expanding economic opportunity in Arizona. We focus on opportunity, because opportunity means the ability to act. Opportunity means that individuals or a group of people acting together, can create a product or service or critical information that meets the needs of their community.  

“Business” is no more and no less than the sum total of all of these interactions between those in the community who want or need a product or service, and those who design and produce what their neighbors need. It’s a cycle as old as civilization, and we think it’s amazing.  

Last month, we celebrated Liberty.

Arizona is a place where the freedom to act is a profound part of our spirit; Arizonans are driven to invent ways to best address the needs in our state, our country and our world.

The love of freedom in Arizona does not confer any lack of responsibility to those around us; having the liberty to act means we are free to create the ways in which we can best serve our family, our neighbors, and the larger community. 

The Arizona Chamber Foundation is honored to support the people who invent and lead the companies and organizations that serve communities across our state and beyond. We are proud of their drive, their unwillingness to settle for less than the best, and the relentless and positive “restlessness” of the West that drives our state forward. 

We provide the researchactive engagement, and daily information about how success is happening or can happen in our state.

We help to expand the best of Arizona, be that in large or small companies, in education settings, or in companies and organizations that exist only in the minds of their leaders until they can enter the wonderful business world of serving others through creating a new answer to an old problem. 

It is humbling work, and we are well aware that the potential to be better is always greater than what is possible today. We act daily on the knowledge that somebody’s life could be improved if only we could better distribute the highest quality products and companies, or they could be better served if only we could liberate the next best school leader or business entrepreneur to invent the future. That knowledge drives us forward. 

At their best, freedom and liberty are exercised in service to others. At the Arizona Chamber Foundation, our job is to support the ability of every person in our state whose business it is to invent the ways to do just that.