Daniel Duran

Events Coordinator | Arizona Chamber Foundation | A for Arizona

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Fun Fact

Daniel has taken on what might be the greatest event planning challenge of his career…his wedding, November 2018.

Daniel Duran plans, coordinates and executes events for the Arizona Chamber Foundation and its initiatives.

Daniel is the founder and Senior Director for Duran Meetings & Events, a Phoenix-based event consulting company lead serving clients in Arizona, Colorado, Tennessee, and throughout the United States. He has been proud to serve as Events Coordinator for A for Arizona since it’s inception in 2014, bringing with him his experience in non-profit, corporate, and social event planning as well as his knowledge and skills from his time working on the hotel and resort side of event management. With the growing reach of the Arizona Chamber Foundation he looks forward to continuing to work closely with each member of the team to help create a cohesive thread of outreach that will benefit the community of Arizona.

Daniel believes in a holistic approach to event planning. Event logistics are the foundation to build engaging and mission centered experiences to create and lasting impact. Daniel is passionate about authentic hospitality and believes it is more than just a box to check. Hospitality is a way of life.
Even after nearly 13 years of doing this work, he can truly say he is right where he wants to be. Daniel is an Arizona native and is proud to call Phoenix home. This rings true also for his Aussie-Shepherd Lab mix, Lucy, Miniature Schnauzer, Jake, and Martin the Pug.