This story was originally published on Tenet Health’s blog on March 13, 2019.

Abrazo Community Health Network recently hosted a day-long session on healthcare for Arizona Industry Fellows, a program of the non-profit Arizona Chamber Foundation.

The fellowship program highlights Arizona’s job creators and how public policy impacts them, and builds a network of informed young professionals, according to the Arizona Chamber Foundation. Fellows meet monthly in full-day sessions focused on Arizona’s major industries and policy topics.

Abrazo Arizona Heart Hospital in Phoenix hosted the Arizona Industry Fellows healthcare meeting, and the group started the day by viewing a Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR) surgery. The day’s agenda included speakers from Abrazo on hospital strategy, operations and finance, and working as a physician in a rapidly changing healthcare landscape.

Other topics covered healthcare policy at the federal and state level, understanding the Arizona Healthcare Cost Containment System (the state’s version of Medicaid), navigating the insurance industry, and biotechnology research and development.

“The fellows program is designed to help young professionals get a better understanding of the intersection of business and public policy,” said Frank Molinaro, Abrazo CEO and CEO of Tenet’s Arizona Group. “A day of learning about the business of healthcare can be an eye-opening experience, and offers many insights on the complexities of the environment in which we operate.”

Arizona Industry Fellows represent a broad array of industries and backgrounds including education, law, trades, manufacturing, tourism and healthcare.

“At the Arizona Chamber Foundation, we strongly believe educating Arizona’s next generation of business leaders will create a better understanding of the policy and economy landscape in which they operate,” said Arizona Chamber Foundation CEO Emily Anne Gullickson. “This fellowship highlights Arizona’s job creators, how public policy impacts them, and builds a network of ambitious and informed millennials in Arizona. We appreciate Abrazo and Tenet Healthcare who recognize and support this fellowship as a shared mission.”