Water, Energy and Natural Resources

Arizona is rich in natural beauty and resources; proper protection, stewardship and maintenance of those resources is essential to a thriving Arizona now and for generations to come. The Arizona Chamber Foundation promotes policies that support a vibrant and growing economy while maintaining good stewardship of our water, State Trust lands, forests, minerals, wildlife, and other natural resources.


Free trade has been essential in building Arizona’s economy to the powerhouse it is today. In Arizona, international trade supports more than 1 in 5 jobs, which pay roughly 18 percent higher salaries than jobs unrelated to trade. Imports to Arizona have also lowered the cost of raw materials, allowing companies here to remain competitive and reduce costs for their Arizona consumers.

Mexico is Arizona’s number one trading partner, and accounted for $9.2 billion in Arizona exports in 2015. In addition, Arizona’s trade relationship with Mexico has strengthened our ties with its people, bringing additional benefits to Arizona’s tourism, retail and hospitality sectors that total an estimated $7.8 million per day.

Rising anti-trade rhetoric threatens to undermine the export-based economy that is critical to Arizona’s future growth. The Arizona Chamber Foundation engages in education and outreach that demonstrates the important direct benefits to Arizona citizens, families and businesses of maintaining economic integration and a robust global trade environment.


A globally competitive and equitable system of taxation is essential to a healthy and robust economy. The Arizona Chamber Foundation promotes tax policies that are fair, consistent, easily administered, and that avoid inequities and distortions.


A thriving economy depends on modern, efficient, and reliable infrastructure. The Arizona Chamber Foundation supports efforts to upgrade Arizona’s infrastructure needs across sectors, including but not limited to transportation, utilities, and water infrastructure.

Education and Workforce

Education and workforce development are essential prerequisites to a thriving economy. The Arizona Chamber Foundation celebrates Arizona’s environment of educational opportunity and choice, and supports policies that ensure all Arizona students have access to a high-quality education. The Arizona Chamber Foundation also supports workforce development and job training programs that are responsive to employer needs and serve to attract and retain a competitive workforce.

Government Overreach

The Arizona Chamber Foundation promotes efficient and effective government all levels while combatting inappropriate government overreach at both the state and federal level.